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Gran Stelvio

Ambition and enjoyment on one of the highest passes in the Alps

Climb the Stelvio from all three sides in one day and earn the Gran Stelvio badge. The challenge starts from Prad to Bormio, then over the Umbrail pass to Santa Maria and then back again to Prad. Find out more about the route and how to take part or download the route directly onto your device.
Download GPS track
Questions? Email us at!

Become part of the legend

Anyone can take part in this challenge at any time. Only the weather limits the accessibility of the Stelvio pass – the best time of year is from June til September. During this time the Stelvio is normally always open.

Station 1: Hotel Zentral

hotel-zentral You can pick up the time card and the starting stamp in the Hotel Zentral in Prad. Hotel Zentral Hauptstraße 48 Prad am Stilfserjoch, Italien Google Maps Website

Station 2: Bar da Stefy

bar-stefy Get your second stamp in the Bar da Stefy in Bormio. This is also the ideal place to enjoy a traditional Italian breakfast. Bar da Stefy Via Milano 134 Bormio SO, Italien Google Maps Website

Station 3: Hotel Schweizerhof

The third control point is at the Hotel Schweizerhof in Switzerland. You can enjoy lunch here and gather some strength for the rest of the route. Hotel Schweizerhof Plaz d’Ora 11 Santa Maria Val Müstair, Schweiz Google Maps Website

Station 4: Hotel Zentral

stempelkarte You’ll receive the final stamp again in Hotel Zentral in Prad. It’s also the ideal place to celebrate your achievement with an Aperol Spritz or a Weissbier. Hotel Zentral Hauptstraße 48 Prad am Stilfserjoch, Italien Google Maps Website

Digital proof

digitaler-nachweis-strava In order to enter the ranks of those who’ve mastered the challenge, all we need is your name and proof that you rode the route in one day. You can either send us your GPS track or your Strava posting by email to Don’t forget to tell us if you want your full name to be posted on our site.

Analogue proof

analoger-nachweisYou can of course use the traditional way of the time card in order to prove completion of the challenge. Simply send us a photo of your time card by email to in order to be included in the finisher list. Don’t forget to tell us if you want your full name to be posted on our site. You’ll get the card stamped at our partners in Prad, Bormio and Santa Maria Val Müstair.

The badge

After you’ve sent us your proof along with your postal address, we’ll send you your Stelvio finisher badge free of cost as reward. You can then add it to the collection, or iron or sew it onto your jersey. Send in your proof now!


For those who have proven themselves to have conquered the challenge, we also offer you the option to buy the Gran Stelvio T-Shirt… show that you’re now part of the legend. You’ll receive a link to order after you’ve sent us your proof. Send in your proof now! The price is € 39,-

Top 20

The Gran Stelvio is first and foremost a challenge to be enjoyed. However, we’re all athletes and as such we want to recognize extraordinary performances. Coming soon here, you’ll soon find the fastest 20 to have completed the Stelvio challenge.
  1. Till Zupancic 06:02:51
  2. Felix Diegelmann 06:04:38
  3. Marko Hoffmann 06:08:57
  4. John Kinkhammer 06:19:04
  5. Oliver Ohmsen 06:21:42
  6. Olaf Krilling 06:23:05
  7. Don Miguel 06:36:10
  8. Stephan Beer 06:37:34
  9. Dirk Küster 06:39:01
  10. Florian Zeitler 06:42:52
  11. Joe Molyneaux 06:43:59
  12. Ralph Seifert 06:46:07
  13. Stephan Weber 06:49:27
  14. Andreas Mueller 06:49:50
  15. Steve Lischinsky 06:55:09
  16. Radek Rucinski 06:55:11
  17. Sebastian Sakalowski 06:55:31
  18. Manuel Zeller 06:56:10
  19. Matthias Müller 06:56:41
  20. Gian Luca Guisa 06:58:55


Everyone who conquers the Stelvio can be proud of themselves. We’re certainly proud of you all!
  • Achim Seifter
  • Alec Curry
  • Alexander Holhut
  • Alexander Sasse
  • Alexej Wawrzetz
  • Andre Girgner
  • Andreas Mueller
  • Andreas Pfeiffer
  • Andreas Preidel
  • Andreas Schumacher
  • Andreas Vogel
  • Andrej Arnold
  • Bernd Rücker
  • Bernd Schürmann
  • Bernd Strathmann
  • Bernhard Schumacher
  • Bianca Hertlein
  • Bodo Maier
  • Bruno Bleiker
  • Charly Noller
  • Christian Dietl
  • Christian Fligge
  • Christian Rosbaud
  • Christoph Graser
  • Christoph Schmidt
  • Clemens Rühlemann
  • Daniel Klapper
  • Daniel Schmidt
  • Dave Sullivan
  • Detlef Niemann-Bode
  • Dieter Bölke
  • Dimitri Vitkin
  • Dirk Küster
  • Don Miguel
  • Duncan Newbury
  • Erik Zenkner
  • Fabian Rücker
  • Fabienne Bichsel
  • Felix Diegelmann
  • Felix Munz
  • Felix Weiß
  • Florian Neumüller
  • Florian Zeitler
  • Frei Beda
  • Georg Neuber
  • Georg Nitzl
  • Gian Luca Guisa
  • Guido Meurer
  • Heiko Hausmann
  • Heiko Wild
  • Heinz Kunz
  • Hubert Simon
  • Ilpo Lehto
  • Jan Kubetzek
  • Joe Molyneaux
  • John Kinkhammer
  • Jörg Müller
  • Julian Klein
  • Jürgen Steiner
  • Kai Petrick
  • Kari Kajaus
  • Kay Hoffmann
  • Kevin Weiser
  • Klaus Borgmann
  • Lars Barrall
  • Manuel Kaumeier
  • Manuel Zeller
  • Marcel Domin
  • Marco Gianoli
  • Marco Gilke
  • Marcus Deubler
  • Marcus Kreinz
  • Marko Hoffmann
  • Martin Köhler
  • Martin Lieberherr
  • Martin Völkl
  • Matthias Müller
  • Maximilian Halmburger
  • Maximilian Rosenthal
  • Michael Knautz
  • Michael Noll
  • Michael Zint
  • Olaf Graf
  • Olaf Krilling
  • Oliver Ohmsen
  • Peter Bück
  • Peter Haas
  • Peter Vedder
  • Radek Rucinski
  • Ralph Seifert
  • Reto Aeppli
  • Reto Nyffenegger
  • Reto Tschümperlin
  • Rob Webb
  • Roger Egloff
  • Rüdiger Heß
  • Sebastian Sakalowski
  • Stanislav Polach
  • Stefan Vogg
  • Stephan Beer
  • Stephan Weber
  • Steve Lischinsky
  • Thomas Dietzsch
  • Thomas Gruska
  • Thomas Hölzl
  • Thomas Klar
  • Thomas Lugmeier
  • Thomas Roehling
  • Thomas Schröder
  • Thomas Welters
  • Thorsten Keller
  • Thorsten Keller
  • Till Zupancic
  • Udo Hänle
  • Uwe Peters
  • Walter Binder